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Customised Singapore Propagation Chart for April 2017 by courtesy of Gwyn Williams G4FKH
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2m Repeater

SARTS is grateful to Jaya, 9V1AI for hosting the 2m repeater in his residence at Dover Crescent.

Repeater Tx 145.625 MHz
Repeater Rx 145.025 MHz
CTCSS Tone 156.7 Hz

SARTS Council 2017

  Darryl Ee 9V1DE

Vice President
  S. Jothinathan 9V1JN

Hon. Secretary
 Jeff Yeo 9V1AS

Hon. Treasurer
  A. Siva 9V1SV

Council Members
  Andrew Hodges 9V1TT
  Takehisa Sato 9V1UU
  Dr. Guilio Manzoni 9V1FC
Hon. Auditor
  Dr. Klaus Goepel 9V1KG

Appointed Office Bearers

RAE Examiner
  S. Jothinathan 9V1JN

Outward QSL Manager
  Kurita 9V1XX

Inward QSL Manager
  Chu Haoyuan 9V1HY

Awards Manager
  Takehisa Sato 9V1UU

IARU Liaison Officer
  S. Jothinathan 9V1JN

Monthly Meeting

The next monthly meeting will be held on Thursday, 27th April 2017 at 20:00 hrs.  at the Alumni Medical Centre, No.2 College Road, Singapore 169850. 

Click here for a Google Map location
Use Steet View to explore the area


At the last meeting on 30th March, Haoyuan, 9V1HY gave a talk on "An introduction to the 60m Amateur Band"


Perak Radio Ham Fair 2017

Venue: RTC Gopeng, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Dates: 1st and 2nd April, 0900 - 1900 hrs

For more details on the Ham Fair, Click HERE

Firefly flies direct to Ipoh. The venue is about 10 km from the airport.



VHF Repeater

Mr. V Jayaram, 9V1AI, is kindly hosting our 2m repeater in his residence at N1.306, E103.781, Grid OJ11vh, Antenna Height Approximately 110 m AGL

VHF Repeater Transmit (you listen) 145.625 MHz
VHF Repeater Receive (you transmit) 145.025 MHz
CTCSS Tone: 156.7 Hz

Lion City Award

Hams outside CQ Zone 28 must achieve FIVE confirmed QSOs with 9V1 stations to be eligible for this award. For hams within CQ Zone 28, the requirement is TEN confirmed QSOs.

Applications for the Lion City Award should be sent to SARTS, Robinson Road P.O. Box 2728, Singapore 904728 and attentioned to "The Awards Manager"

Submissions for awards should include the list of different 9V1 stations contacted indicating the dates for QSO's, modes used and the signal reports sent and received.

The list should be verified by an official of your Society or by two other Radio Amateurs. You need NOT send the 9V1 QSL cards received by you.

Please indicate clearly your name and callsign as you want them to appear on the A4 sized award. Also, please include your mailing address and USD 5 for return postage with your application.

Mailing Address

Robinson Road P.O. Box 2728
Singapore 904728

Are you visiting Singapore and thinking of meeting Singapore Hams? Apart from the monthly meetings, it can be kind of difficult to have an eyeball. We do not have a clubhouse or office. We rent the meeting place at the Alumni Medical Centre for 2 hours each meeting and the P.O Box belongs to Singapore Post. We do not have any full time or part time staff. SARTS is run entirely by volunteers who hold full-time jobs elsewhere. Your best bet is to contact via email someone whom you had a recent QSO and hope that you get a positve reply.

The following hams were once upon a time very radio-active and have gone SK. Do not attempt to email them and please, do not send them QSL cards:

9V1RH 19/3/2009 SK
9V1HO 23/5/2009 SK
9V1XH 7/9/2009 SK
9V1UV 30/6/2010 SK
9V1PC 24/7/2012 SK
9V1XE 14/4/2015 SK
9V1SA 1/11/2015 SK