SARTS Field Day, 6 October 2007

Photo Credits:  Nan 9V1AC,  Ron 9V1RJ,  Ma 9V1SD,  Siva 9V1SV,  Darryl 9V1DE


Aloha Resort
Fairy Point Chalet 3

N 01 23.48'
E 103 58.58'


Up goes the HF6V Butternut
Ground radials are very important!
Ma 9V1SD, Ron 9V1RJ and the MFJ Analyser

13.8 MHz ???

Alex 9V1AL says "We need to adjust the coil by a wee bit"
The Butternut takes 10 minutes to erect and another 20 minutes to tune
Looking good. All set to go!
At 4:00 pm, S61FD is QRV !


The S61FD station:
  IC-756 Pro 
  KW1000 linear (500 W)


Bob 9V1QQ and Harm 9V1NA
Peter 9V1PS and Pete 9V1PC
Ma 9V1SD and Rong Song 9V1CT setting up a vertical dipole on a 10 m long collapsible fibre glass  pole
Actually, TWO vertical dipoles were set up!
9V1SD Ma in the upper room  with the IC-756 ProIII, worked 8 stations in China on 20m




Ron 9V1RJ setting up a vertical with Baino 9V1BO
A stealth vertical in the Frangipani tree
Ron's IC-7000


Jan 9V1LJ and Harm 9V1NA inspecting Darryl 9V1DE's FT-840 running off a car battery

This doesn't qualify as /mobile...

...and the MA-5 mobile whip doesn't have enough ground radials

But he managed worked 2 VK and 1 DU stations on 20m within 10  minutes


Bob 9V1RA having fun copying CW
Siva 9V1SV and Derrick 9V1DK with Jason 9V1AM demonstrating PSK31 on a Mac hooked up to an FT-817 with a Buddipole Antenna




6 pm: It's BBQ time!

Mark HA5MRO, is fascinated with the fire starters

The YLs did all the hot work 
David 9V1RH (wearing IOTA Tee Shirt) and company

"What a great party!"