SARTS Annual Dinner

Penang Place Restaurant

23rd June 2012


Treasurer Jeff 9V1AS and XYL Eveline guarding the cabbages with 9V1WW James looking on
James 9V1WW, Vincent 9V1SA, Darryl 9V1DE and TK Khaw
Everybody hard at work
Paw Paw, 9V1CW, Rose and Eveline
Jayaram 9V1AI, Siva 9V1SV and Jothi 9V1JN
Robert Kimmel 9V1RK, Peter Cook 9V1PC, Jason 9V1AM
Pete, Jason and 9V1PG Peter Gilliland
SARTS President Bob 9V1QQ with XYL Lily
Shiro Takata 9V1JA and Sato 9V1UU
SARTS Secretary Ian with family and Vince 9V1SA
James Lim, Dr. Giulio Manzoni 9V1FC and Yesie Brama 9V1SQ
Giulio and James deep in discussion with Jothi
Jothi and Ian
Jeff announcing the start of the Lucky Draw
Jothi gets a prize
Peter gets a prize
9V1AI wins the Antenna