Operating from Pulau Ubin, IOTA AS-019

28 - 29 July 2018


On the Bum Boat Ferry from Changi Point to Pulau Ubin with (from L to R) Dona, 9V1YC, 9V1LW, 9V1HY, 9V1AN, 9V1PK.

9V1RT missed the boat

Arrival at the Jetty
Our taxi to the campsite
Pulau Ubin is North East of the mainland.

Notice the House Gecko at the top left corner of the map?

After a 10 minute ride, we arrive at the campsite
"Let's unpack and get to work"
The tent was for keeping the important stuff in case it rains.
James 9V1YC setting up the 40m vertical.
The all important Counterpoise wires. We used 8 wires in all, including a couple in the sea.
Roland 9V1RT checking the VSWR
It's a bit too long
After a few tuning adjustments, we got it where we want it to be
"Hello Radio"

Low QRM and QRM. Looks like we'll have a fantastic night...if the propagation cooperates.

A short briefing on the Antenna Setup
Sustenance for the night
A short break before dinner
Taking a 30 minute "stroll" to the main village for dinner
Typical scenery in Pulau Ubin: Laid back and Rustic
We found a big restaurant.There are several other smaller joints around the Village Centre
Most of the eateries here serve local chinese dishes, We ordered the Oyster Sauce Chicken, Sambal Kangkong, Soy Sauce Sea Bass, Prawn Omelette, Hor Fun and Fried Rice.

Not too bad. but I suggest skipping the Fried Rice