On-line Radio Amateurs' Examination Course

The material for this page has been created with the kind assistance and permission of Peter Pennington G4EGQ who created an online self study course in the UK.

Peter wrote this excellent study guide - not for profit. But he asks for people using it to consider donating a small sum to a worthwhile charity. Peter's students in the UK have generously donated to the UK Cancer Research Charity.

The following links provide students with downloadable study materials

The IMDA Amateur Handbook  is essential reading. Parts C, D and E are essentially the Exam Syllabus and Test Requirements. They spell out what will be tested! Read the Syllabus carefully, and study the material below.


Lesson 0: Frequency and Wavelength
Lesson 1: Basic Electricity, Ohms Law, Resistors in Parallel/Series           
Lesson 1a: More on Resistors
Lesson 2: Resistive Dummy Load, Magnetism, Relay
Lesson 3: Generation, Induction, Transformers, Impedance matching, Moving Coil Meters
Lesson 4: Capacitors, AC Theory  
Lesson 4a:  AC Circuits, LRC, Resonance, Q-factor
Lesson 5: Power Supplies, Voltage Stabilization
Lesson 6: Semiconductors, pn junction, transistors, thermal runaway, amplifiers
Lesson 6a: Field Effect Transistors
Lesson 7: Amplifiers, Oscillators, Push-Pull
Lesson 7a: Receivers, TRF, Mixers, Superhet
Lesson 8: Oscillators, VFO, Frequency Multipliers, Transmitters
Lesson 8a: Propagation

Lesson 8b: Types of Propagation, Fading, Multipath, Tropo, Moon Bounce
Lesson 8c: EM Waves, Dipole, Antenna Types, Feeders
Lesson 9: Transmitters, Power amplifiers, Low Pass filter, Mixers, Multipliers, AM
Lesson 9: Part 1: Frequency Synthesis
Lesson 10: Limitations of AM, Single Sideband, Frequency Modulation
Lesson 10a: Electromagnetic Compatibility, Interference Issues, Earthing, Safety
Lesson 10x: Morse Code Transmission
Lesson 11: More on Interference and cures, Low Pass Filter
Lesson 12: Measurements, DC and Audio, RF, Wavemeter, Thermocouple Wattmeter, Dummy Load, Frequency Meter
Lesson 12a: Thermionic Emission, Valves, Tubes
Lesson 13 Part 1: Power Measurement, Decibel, Link Budgets
Lesson 13 Part 2: Practical Power Measurement, AM, SSB Two Tone Test
Lesson 13A: Band Plans
Lesson 14: Getting Ready for the RAE

Before you get on the air- Some operational tips!